Legal operations consultant assisting organizations with compliance & legal needs.

Ms. Raattama offers legal operations consulting services to assist organizations in better aligning compliance and legal tasks with the organization’s legal and compliance needs, strategic plan, risk appetite and resources.

Organizations may have an in-house legal department, rely on outside counsel or manage most of its compliance and legal responsibilities without dedicated legal support.   

Your Organization

Services include reviewing performance improvement opportunities for in-house legal departments, identifying the optimal utilization of outside counsel resources, and streamlining compliance and legal processes.   

- Knowledge management
- Performance assessments
- Strategic planning
- Professional development, engagement and retention of departmental personnel


- Resource evaluations
- Legal staffing recommendations
- Creating and updating legal and compliance processes


Ms. Raattama may partner with other professionals with the relevant knowledge and expertise, to provide these services. 

Our 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization retained MK Consulting, LLC to review and make recommendations regarding legal operations as part of our work to improve operations overall. Ms. Raattama and her team conducted a thorough assessment of our legal operations, identified quick-win opportunities and provided a longer term plan to achieve cost savings and increase the value of the dollars we spend on legal. A worthwhile investment.

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