With over twenty years of experience as an attorney, in higher education and non-profit law, having served as in-house counsel at two Florida State universities, including serving as general counsel, I share my expertise with non-profit organizations, including foundations, and institutions of higher-education, to help manage their daily legal, governance and compliance work. 



Twenty years of experience dedicated to non-Profit and higher education organizations

“My main mission when consulting on a legal or compliance matter is to ensure that operations perform optimally and efficiently.”

With Kristina’s deep knowledge of our higher education landscape and law in Florida, she seamlessly stepped in to meet our temporary need for in-house counsel for contracts and transactional matters. Her service offered the added benefit of tangible recommendations about our contracting practices and contract forms, allowing us to improve efficiency in our processes and quality of certain contract forms.

A trusted


Kristina Raattama offers a personable approach when providing services, whether it be outsourced in-house counsel, legal counseling or consulting services.

Top 5 challenges faced by higher ed institutions

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